Best Entry Level Triathlon Bikes

When you start preparing for a triathlon, it is necessary that you complement your passion with appropriate gear. Beginners need to buy gear that helps them reach the pinnacle of the sport without significantly denting their pockets at the very start of their journey.

When it comes to triathlon gear, there is nothing more important than a bike. You can be at the top of your game, but will still be unable to get the results you want if you don’t have a good triathlon bike.

The best entry level triathlon bikes should be fast, affordable and relatively comfortable. Athletes that are new to the sport do not have the extra resources or the budget to spend too much on their gear. It is also recommended by many experts that one should look to buy gear that is easy on the pockets until they’re sure of their passion for the sport and want to take it to the next level.

Best Entry Level Triathlon Bike

In this article, we mention some of the best entry level triathlon bikes. This list is dominated by road bikes because they help improve fitness before riders spend their dollars on more expensive and lighter triathlon bikes.

What to Consider Before Buying an Entry Level Triathlon Bike

Buying your first entry level triathlon bike can be a daunting task. Of all the investments you make in the sport and the gear you buy, this is going to be your most important purchase. Naturally, you should consider a few factors before buying the best entry level triathlon bike, and we mention them here:


Almost every triathlon athlete will tell you that getting the right bike fit is extremely essential for having the perfect experience on your bike. The fit of the bike means that the bike should feel comfortable to ride on and should allow you to transition as much power as you possibly can on the pedals. A good bike that fits you well will allow you to cover long distances without feeling tired or zoned out for that matter.


Once you’ve gone through the fit of the bike, you should move to the frame and ensure that it possesses the features you require from your bike. The price of a triathlon bike is often determined by the materials used in the frame. Carbon fiber is usually the most expensive frame material as it costs more than aluminum, which eventually costs more than steel. Steel bikes have grown obsolete over time, which is why you’d see more of carbon fiber and aluminum bikes for triathlon athletes.


The components of your bike include all the small bits and pieces that allow you to seamlessly pedal your bike and shift gears. Getting the right components on your bike can help improve build quality and can also add to the durability of the bike. Components can also be upgraded with time, without actually buying a new bike from the market.

1. Schwinn Fastback Tourney AL

The Schwinn Fastback Tourney AL is the perfect bike for entry level triathlon riders on a budget. The bike comes with excellent road grip and is easy to ride for beginners. The aluminum frame and forks are sturdy and make it lighter in comparison to other road bikes in this range.

Additionally, the 14-speed compact Shimano group-set is reliable in nature and comes with the necessary gear to help you get started. However, as you grow in stature and take your game to the next level, you will want to have more gear and functions at your disposal.

2. Trek Domane AL 2

The Trek Domane AL 2 is the perfect introduction to the world of triathlon and road cycling. The ride is comfortable and extremely lightweight in nature, which makes it fun to ride. The frame fits the endurance criteria and can easily perform well over long distances.

The Shimano Claris group-set is a bit clunky, but does provide good gear changes in a swift manner. The carbon forks and aluminum frame give a lightweight feel to the bike.

3. Cube Axial WS Pro Road Bike

The Cube Axial WS Pro Road Bike 2021 is perfect for entry level triathlon athletes. This road bike is specifically made for women and provides a light, responsive and fast design. The carbon forks provide added comfort, while the lightweight aluminum frame is easy to control.

The eighteen gears present on this bike are perfect for a triathlon, even on hilly areas. The disc brakes offer good resistance and braking power even in wet conditions.

4. Vitus Zenium Road Bike

The Vitus Zenium Road Bike blends the power of performance with that of comfort. The bike is surprisingly affordable considering the amazing parts and components that go into its construction. The bike offers a lightweight carbon fiber frame.

The internal cabling goes well with the combination of tubular and two-tone silver paint job to add an aesthetic look to the bike. The model has a stiffer frame that makes it ideal for triathlons.

5. CERVELO P-Series 105

The CERVELO P-Series 105 is a pure triathlon bike that can be used by expert triathlon players as well. The CERVELO P-Series 105 is clearly built for agility on the roads and delivers high quality results.

The wind tunnel technology ensures that no efforts go wasted on this amazing bike. The carbon fiber structure makes it extremely stiff, but remarkably lightweight. The handlebars are also unique and add to the lightweight structure.

Our Final Thoughts

The Schwinn Fastback Tourney AL is the perfect bike for entry level triathlon riders on a budget. The bike offers comfort and excellent road grip without depleting your pockets. You can read reviews for these bikes online as well to buy the best entry level triathlon bike.

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