Best Women’s Triathlon Suits

When you’re participating in a triathlon, you are partaking in a race that involves a cycle ride, a swim, and a run – the last thing you want to do is change outfits between each stage. Triathlon suits come into perspective here because they’re strategically geared to help you through all of these three activities.

As the one piece of equipment or apparel you’ll stick with through the entirety of your triathlon, the tri suit is a fundamental gear you should choose with due diligence and care. Whether you want to go for a bright look or minimal colors or for a sleeveless or sleeved option, you would want a suit that meets your expectations and requirements.

Since we understand how hard it can be to buy a tri suit for your needs without researching the market, we have cut down the work for you with this advanced list of the best women’s triathlon suits. We have got every option imaginable in this list and ensure you are able to buy one that befits your expectations. We have also created a list of considerations you should keep in mind during the purchase to ensure a smooth and flawless experience.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

What to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Triathlon Suit

Choosing the perfect outfit or tri suit for your next triathlon is an extremely crucial part of the preparation process. There are a number of factors that could either enhance or reduce the utility of your overall outfit. We list these factors down below to help you during the purchase process:


Perhaps the very first thing you should consider in your triathlon suit is just how much time it takes to dry completely. The utility of your suit is dependent on the quick-drying capabilities of the fabric you’re supporting. Water carries its own weight, and if your triathlon suit does not dry away quickly, it will have a detrimental impact on your performance.

Additionally, an outfit that does not dry quickly will eventually lead to additional friction between the fabric and your skin. This means that you will suffer from chafing of the skin. This can be eliminated by a suit that dries away quickly.

UV Protection and Padding

Based on the longevity and distance of your triathlon race, you will be exposed to the sun for elongated periods of time. It is hence extremely important for your suit to come with good UV protection. The enhanced UV protection will help protect your skin from the sun.

Best Women’s Triathlon Suits

Additionally, the suit should provide the necessary padding in all the right places. You won’t feel the need for padding in the running and swimming leg of the race, but it will help you when cycling. Extra padding in the right areas can feel like a blessing when you’re positioned on a cycle for long periods.

Pockets and Pouches

As we have mentioned above, triathlons last for extended periods, often upwards of 3 hours. In such cases, extra pockets and pouches in your triathlon suit can help store supplements, gels and other essentials that you require during the event.

1. Castelli Free W Tri ITU Suit

This Castelli Free W Tri ITU Suit features a ventilated race fabric that helps with moisture wicking and dries quickly in no time. The back of this suit comes with a Velocity mesh that provides amazing breathability on the go.

The entire suit minimizes chafing during biking and running. The easy zipper feature at the back makes it easy for you to put the suit on and go in no time.

2. Pearl iZUMi Women’s Select Pursuit Tri Suit

This Pearl iZUMi Women’s Select Pursuit Tri Suit comes with a separate bra up front for added support. This lightweight suit is also easy to take on and off. The stretchable fabric provides good compression during the race.

The suit comes without any zippers and features the amazing flatlock seams by iZUMI. The suit provides superior abrasion resistance and is recommended to users.

3. Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra Tri Race Suit

This Zoot Sports Women’s Ultra Tri Race Suit is the perfect fit for you, regardless of whether you are participating in a race or just training. The suit is extremely comfortable to wear and is an excellent choice for the ladies.

The suit reflects 80 percent of the UV rays on it and helps with keeping you cool. The graduated compression exterior provides exceptional comfort and comes with drying features.

4. RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit

The RunBreeze Women’s Triathlon Suit comes with an exceptional rating on Amazon and provides amazing value on your investment. The quality of the material is rare to find. This suit provides you with a UV protection of 50 plus, which is perfect for long distance runs.

Additionally, the fabric dries quickly and you won’t feel tired due to the excess load of the water after the swim. This triathlon suit is also chlorine-proofed for the pool and won’t lose its shape or colors during the swim.

5. SLS3 Women’s Triathlon Tri Race Suit FX

The SLS3 Women’s Triathlon Tri Race Suit FX has an aesthetic design that feels comfortable on the body and looks stylish at the same time. This suit comes with long legs to avoid chafing.

The seams on this suit kill the friction and allow you to focus on the race. The suit also comes with custom foam-cushioned pads to add to the comfort during your bike ride.

Our Final Thoughts

The Castelli Free W Tri ITU Suit is our recommended pick for the best women’s triathlon suit. It features a ventilated race fabric that helps with moisture wicking and dries quickly in no time. You can search for reviews for these products online to make your final choice.

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