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If you have been taking part in competitive sports like triathlon racing then you probably know the importance of good quality parts. A fully upgraded bicycle allows you to get the best performance out of your vehicle.

The original parts that came with your cycle may have helped you get your feet warm in the sport. But if you are serious about setting records and winning consistently, then it may be time to get the best triathlon tires and wheels for your bike.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The 4 Best Triathlon Tires

In this blog we look at some of the best triathlon bicycle tires you can get at the Amazon store.

1. Continental Grand Prix 5000 Performance Road Bike Tires

If you are looking for some of the best tires in the market, then very few can beat the Continental Grand Prix 5000. Built with the expertise of the leading German manufacturing technology, these tires are widely regarded as some of the best money can buy.

This new tire set is an upgraded design over the Grand Prix 4000 which has also been a favorite of racers. It has got a more precise tread pattern with better road grip and performance. The manufacturers claim that this model is now getting cut with lasers rather than a machine.

The tire has lower rolling resistance thanks to a new improved Black Chili compound, and a higher 330 Threads Per Inch (TPI) carcass.

The tire may not be the fastest, or the lightest, or the one with the best road grip or the best puncture reduction in a list. However, it is the one that comes closest to perfection with a combination of all these features in one package.

2. Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0

The Vittoria Rubino Pro tire series was made for intense training and racing. The brand has long been popular for using 3C Graphene compound structure in their tires. The material offers longer service life, puncture protection and sharp handling traits for tires.

The tires fit snugly over the rims as the rubber is very soft and pliable. You will also find it easy to pull them off in case of a flat tire. Triathlon racers report that the tires feel very smooth on the road while offering good grip for wet conditions.

In conclusion, the Rubino Pro has long been a favorite choice for cyclists in training and racing. With the adoption of Graphene technology compounds in the Pro series, it is more versatile than ever.

3. Pirelli PZero Velo

The Pirelli Pzero Velo tires are also a great option for competitors and triathlon racers. They are superlight, aerodynamic, and can easily withstand the distance and miles you put on them.

The tires are designed especially for triathlons and crit races, but they are also great for road races as well. The tread is made from a carefully selected mix of chemical elements and engineered grooves. These include SmartNET Silica and ICS and FGD technologies.

The tread features Pirelli Functional Design Groove and Ideal Contour Shaping technologies. The casing textile is designed with a 127TPI casing, to match contour for optimal footprint.

The tires have a very good 4.5 rating on Amazon. Users particularly liked it because it is extremely supple and offers an exceptional grip on the road. The tires corner exceptionally well and they are great for building some confidence in new cyclists.

4. Schwalbe Pro One

Schwalbe is a popular maker of high-end bike tires from Germany that is trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

The company is mostly regarded for its marathon and racing tires that are popular for touring bikes, triathlons and commuters, etc. Their tires are durable and offer reasonable rolling resistance and ride quality.

The Schwalbe Pro One is their top of the line racing bike tire. It’s fast, reliable, and light, which are all good qualities to have when you are going for a triathlon.

The tires are made from patented MicroSkin that improves the cut resistance for their tires. These tires come in both tubular and tubeless options.

You will get the best experience with the tires if you go tubeless. The tubeless version is lighter and faster and the MicroSkin takes it to the next level. The material fully envelops the carcass and facilitates smooth riding on long stretches.

What Types of Triathlon Racing Tires Can I Buy?

There are basically three types of bicycle tires that you can get for triathlon racing. These include clincher, tubular, and tubeless tires.

Clincher tires are the most common and consist of a tire and an inner tube. Both parts are made of latex or rubber and held in place using air pressure. Clincher tires differ from the other two in how they are connected to the rim. Instead of being glued, taped, or otherwise sealed to the wheel rim, the clincher tire is designed to simply hook onto the wheel rim.

In tubular tires, the tube is sewn inside the tire, making both of them act as a single piece. These tires do not have beads which makes them lighter than clinchers. Since the inner tube is sewn into the casing, the tires are better protected from the threat of internal punctures, making them more durable.

In tubeless tires, the bead is sealed into the rim and there is no inner tube. Air is filled directly into the tire. Since there is no tube, the air pressure must be kept moderate. These tires offer better traction but a significant impact can cause damage to the tire and release of air.

Our Final Thoughts

A good quality and reliable racing tire can make your triathlons go better. Racing tires are made from high-grade materials that reduce the risk of punctures.

They can also improve performance as they offer better road grip and traction when you are going really fast.

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