Triathlon Gift Ideas

So you are thinking of a Birthday, Christmas, or a gift just to say congratulations on a special triathlon’s day. We are here to help you with those ideas and explain a list of gifts you could give them.

Read on to find out about our triathlon gift ideas. Each one listed is special because they are not only thoughtful, but they are helpful in the races. The triathlete will thank you and be most appreciative.

Triathlon Watch

These watches are at the top of the list regarding gift ideas. They have all the swimming, biking, and running modes and built-in GPS. The battery life goes as far as 20 hours.

Triathlon Gift Ideas

One charge may last a few weeks if used only for the races. All the watches are made for the heart rate and keep track of all the data, so the triathlete doesn’t have to.

Bike Computer

There are a few brands to choose from, and each bike computer may do more than the other. We suggest getting the simplest ones because the others have programs that will likely never get used.

The basics are in every one of them, so this is another excellent gift idea for cyclists. It has the Varia Radar, cadence sensors, and power meters.

Garmin Varia Radar

Another great gift to give to a cyclist is the Varia Radar because it is a device that keeps cyclists safe. The radar can pick up the location of vehicles, how far away they are, and how fast they travel toward you.

It is a safety device that is well appreciated. Those with this item never knew they needed it, but now they can’t go on a bike ride without it.

Foam Massage Ball and Foam Roller

Everyone has aches and pains after an extensive workout or marathon. Once the muscles get worked up, this is the perfect gift to relieve the tightness and strains after the training sessions and the actual racing events.

It is designed to break up the knots and deliver a speedy recovery. Remember when purchasing these items is that they are all the same. So you can buy the cheap ones and still get the same effect.

Steel Wall Hangers for Medals

This gift is perfect for those who place in the racing events. It is something that goes hanging on the wall and holds all of the medals awarded after the races.

It can become the beginning of a shrine of awards and show off the athlete’s finest achievements. Some of them you can purchase with special statements or favorite sayings to add to the decor. It favors all sports events.

Daily Desk Calendar for Runners

The calendar contains beautiful pictures with 365 days of empty spaces to write in events, reminders, and other information concerning the training and races.

It also comes with daily motivational quotes to uplift the spirits of the athletes who read them.

Sports Headphones

These headphones are perfect for those who love listening to music or their favorite podcast while training or going through the marathons. They work great for runners and bikers because it has one earpiece that leaves the other ear open to hear traffic and all around them for safety.

The good news is it is waterproof up to two meters underwater, so swimmers can use these headphones too. The battery life goes up to two hours, so it can add that extra pep in the step that works in the athlete’s favor.

Post Race Massage Gun

This item will relieve tension and soreness after training and racing. It works on any joint or part of the body that feels tight, and your athlete friend or family member will thank you and be forever grateful.

Swimming Goggles

Goggles will always fog up when swimming. Get the swimming athlete a pair of non-fog swimming goggles to see clearly as they swim under and over the water. They will be grateful as they can see the finish line without all the haze and fog.

Race Belt

All the running, bumps in the road on the bike, and strain of swimming at top speeds can wear and tear on the internal body parts. Get the triathlete something they can use to tighten up around the waist and back area. This belt also holds the race number and other items that the athlete wishes to keep on their personal.

Sports Nutrition and Energy Gels

Keeping the athlete hydrated and healthy is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can buy. They work great for stocking stuffers; if you get the race belt with these items, they can carry it with them at all times.

There are so many flavors to choose from, and you can buy the brand that fits the needs and desires of the athlete. The added nutrition, electrolytes, and organic gels will keep the triathlete going like the Energizer Bunny, and they will be happy you thought of buying these healthy items.

Road ID

Let’s face it; anything can happen that is unplanned, such as accidents, allergic reactions, becoming disoriented and lost, and so much more. All of the critical information can be carried on the runner’s or cyclist’s arm in an emergency.

The bracelet contains the name, address, phone number, emergency contacts, doctor’s name, insurance, and allergies. Having this bracelet is highly recommended and can save lives.

No Tie Elastic Shoelaces

One of the most aggravating things as a runner or a cyclist is having their shoelaces come untied. These laces lock into place without bow ties or extra string hanging.

This is also a safety issue because the extra string can cause a person to trip or they can get caught up in the chain or spokes of the bike. You can give them the perfect gift by eliminating this problem for them.

Personal Microfiber Towel

Not many people know this exists. It replaces those big bulky towels. Surprise the triathlete with this towel which takes up little to no space.

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