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Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

All triathletes know the importance of the right equipment. It has the power to completely change your game, and maybe even lead to a new personal record. While the bike is the primary piece of equipment during the cycling leg of the triathlon, triathletes should not forget the importance of proper shoes.


First timers should note that cycling and running shoes are quite different from each other – because of this, you not only need your cycling shoes to help your performance, but you also need for them to be easy to take off. If not, this could bleed into transition time. Triathletes need to keep all this and more in mind when shopping for the best triathlon cycling shoes – fortunately, we’ve narrowed the choices down for you.


1. PEARL IZUMI Tri Fly P.R.O. v3 Cycling Shoe



This unisex triathlon cycling shoe is an 80% textile and 20% rubber shoe that conforms to any foot shape. The 3-layer seamless composite upper used adapts to all shapes and makes for an extremely breathable shoe. The 1:1 Anatomic Tri Closure adds to this and ensures the elimination of any hot spots. It also removes pressure from the front of the foot, making these one of the most comfortable triathlon cycling shoes on the market. Even arch support is taken into consideration with these cycling shoes using dual-density EVA insoles for maximum support and comfort.


Another major advantage is the inclusion of a heel loop. In fact, this is oversized to ensure quick and easy pull-on to minimize transition time. It is also placed off-center for easier reach at the end of the cycling run of the triathlon.


Triathletes need not worry about their performance suffering since the shoes utilize a unibody construction that results in a low (5mm) stacked height which makes pedaling even more efficient. Additionally, the design includes a 1:1 integrated carbon power plate for optimal stiffness.



  • Unisex
  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Replaceable heel bumper
  • Fits to foot shape
  • Increases pedaling efficiency



  • Not budget-friendly


2. Louis Garneau Men’s Tri X-Speed III Triathlon Cycling Shoes



These men’s triathlon cycling shoes brag ultimate comfort that not only helps during the cycling leg of the triathlon, but which also leaves feet unaffected for optimized performance during the running leg of the triathlon. A close fit adds to this comfort and features like a reversed hook and loop strap add to convenience since they help minimize transition time. Additionally, these cycling shoes are some of the most lightweight out there, with a Size 42 shoe weighing only 9.6 oz.


Durability is one of the most important aspects to look at when picking the best triathlon cycling shoes, and the Tri X-Speed III’s do not disappoint. Not only are they made from synthetic leather, but they are also resistant to the toe of the shoe collapsing.


Designed using Power Zone technology, these triathlon cycling shoes support power transfer without compromising on arch support. Comfort is also ensured with extreme ventilation. This is achieved by using a nylon/fiberglass outsole that allows for breathability while still remaining stiff. Buyers should also note that these cycling shoes are compatible with all major road and SPD pedals.



  • Relatively affordable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Compatible with SPD pedals



  • Gender-specific
  • Cleats not included


3. SIDI T4 Air Carbon Composite Triathlon Shoe


ASIN Number: B019SXT6TU

Not only are they comfortable and durable, but these triathlon cycling shoes are designed to optimize transition time. SIDI includes not one, but two hook-and-loop closures and a large pull-tab so that triathletes can easily put on and remove the cycling shoes.


In addition to shortened transition time, triathletes can enjoy the comfort of these cycling shoes. The shoes have a vented Politex upper and the perforations result in increased breathability. Users are sure to remain cool since there’s plenty of drainage provided.


The shoes also include a stiff carbon composite sole that helps with efficient power transfer. The replaceable heel pad also optimizes pedaling position.



  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Reduce transition time
  • Ventilation and drainage
  • Stiff sole for efficient power transfer
  • Replaceable heel pad



  • Not suitable for those on a budget


Features to Consider

When looking for the best triathlon cycling shoes, there are certain features you have to keep in mind. This includes everything from fit and construction to cleat system and are outlined below.



If your cycling shoes don’t fit, you won’t be able to cycle well. Your shoes fitting well, therefore, is extremely important. The more supported your feet are, the better you’ll be able to perform. This cannot be emphasized enough – developing blisters definitely isn’t going to help your timing or performance.


Cleat System

One of the main differences between triathlon cycling shoes and triathlon running shoes is the lack of cleat system in the latter. A cleat system is important since it locks your feet into place and allows for smoother transitions.



The best triathlon cycling shoes are durable but are also lightweight and made out of breathable material. The material shouldn’t be too stiff since it needs to fit the foot perfectly. However, the sole of the shoe should be sufficiently stiff for optimal performance – carbon fiber is a popular material used for triathlon cycling shoe soles. Since the cycling leg of the triathlon comes right after the swimming leg, it’s important for your feet to remain dry and cool – breathability is a huge part of this. Above everything else, ensure that the material is comfortable so that you can perform your best.



Because triathletes aim to minimize transition time, it’s important to make sure that you’re able to slip the shoes off and on easily and quickly. Some ways to reduce transition time include cleat systems, heel loops, and bumpers.


Our Final Thoughts

Different triathletes have different needs and preferences. Therefore, there is no one pick for the best triathlon cycling shoes – the choice depends on individual requirements. However, we have made sure to make this list as comprehensive as possible so that everyone can find cycling shoes that are right for them. Hopefully, you will find yours.