Best Triathlon Running Shoes

Besides their aesthetic quality, shoes serve the purpose of maintaining your weight balance. Most people are injured while running. Hard to believe, right? When we exert more than usual pressure on our feet, we stretch our toe muscles. Without proper gear for running, you might hurt yourself before the triathlon begins. So, here are a few tips on how to choose the best triathlon running shoes.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

What Do Triathlon Shoes Need?

If you are thinking about participating in the next triathlon, you need good shoes! You can find many shoes for sale online; these include performance-oriented ones that will make you run fast. However, you might be considering buy triathlon running shoes. How do you decide the best ones for this specific purpose?

1. Have a Stiff Back

To protect your feet from breaking apart, you need to buy triathlon running shoes with a stiff back. You can check the stiffness by grabbing the shoe from both ends and move it side-to-side. This stiff measurement technique is effective, and it will allow you to understand whether your feet will land flat on the ground or slightly tilted.

2. Least Amount of Torque

Your feet will be producing a tremendous amount of torque when you are running in a triathlon, so your shoes shouldn’t produce any torque on their own. To see whether your shoes have torque or not, grab your shoes from both ends and twist them. The less it twists, the better, meaning your shoes have little to no torque of their own.

3. Ample space For Toes

Your toes need room to breathe inside your shoes. If your foot is cramped, you won’t be able to land flat on the ground. Cramped toes increase the chances of foot fungus and broken bones.

4. Check your Triathlon Shoes

There is no harm in checking before buying, so go ahead, and try on your triathlon shoes. What you are looking for is balance and motion control. Try jogging or running with your new shoes before you buy them. Moreover, you can confirm balance by doing a one-legged squat. If you successfully hit the ground and up, your triathlon shoes are ready for the race.

The 4 Best Triathlon Running Shoes

Triathlon running shoes aren’t any different than your regular shoes. So, you can check them by the techniques mentioned above. However, triathlon running shoes have many other features that can’t be found in regular shoes.

1. Altra Torin 4 Plush

Altra is an underrated brand, considering the high-quality shoes they offer. Trying out this version of Torin was quite a luxurious experience; wearing these shows felt like we were floating in the air. The shoe is light-weighted and full of friction, where needed. We ran across dirt, mud, and grass to check whether the shoes slipped, but Torin held its own while keeping us alive. The Plush 4 has a soft insole and a tight grip to keep your feet wrapped inside its robust outer later. Although water left its mark on the shoes, it took 5 minutes to clean everything off with a wet cloth. In summary, if you want to feel like you are flying, Altra Torin 4 Plush is your best friend.

Key Features

  • Luxuries knit
  • Good stack height of 28mm
  • Strong outer sole
  • Comfy on the inside

2. Merrell Bare Access XTR Sweeper

The best low profile shoes you can buy if you prefer staying close to the ground. The sweeper is an off-road shoe, and it did a great job protecting our tiny toes from sturdy rocks. We even climbed a mountain to check if the sole would give up but not only did this shoe made hiking feel easy; there wasn’t even a scratch on it. The shoes’ inner sole was quite comfortable compared to the rocky terrain we were running on, and it did a great job in making it feel as if we were running on clouds. Finally, the Vibram sole did its job perfectly by reducing vibration and helped us land a straight foot on the ground.

Key Features

  • Vibram sole to reduce vibration
  • Strong outer sole and soft on the inside
  • Premium-quality material that looks soft but held its own

3. New Balance FuelCell Vizo Pro Run

Right off the bat, you can notice that the New Balance FuelCell has an arch shape to help you land on your heel. Although this might sound painful for some people, you must know that a perfect land is when your heels touch the ground, followed by the rest of your foot. Otherwise, you might stretch your toe muscles. The Vizo Pro Run has a synthetic textile upper body and rubber sole to protect it from all sorts of terrains. You can run on water with these bad boys thanks to their lightweight and no torque. In summary, a pair of Vizo Pro Run is an excellent speed booster, and you won’t have a sore foot after the triathlon.

Key features

  • Premium-quality material
  • Strong rubber sole
  • No torque
  • Maximum speed

4. Adidas Terrex Agravic Boa

Last but not least is the Adidas Terrex Agravic, and this pair checked all the boxes in our review. From muddy surface to rocky terrains, this shoe was our best friend during tough times. Its square-shaped sole easily maneuvred over rocks, and its lightweight felt like walking on clouds. Choosing the Terrex for your triathlon means you are serious about the win, and these shoes won’t let you down.

Key Features

  • Colorful look
  • Premium material
  • Solid rubber sole for lightweight and maximum protection

Our Final Thoughts

The triathlon will challenge your speed, stamina, and endurance. You need a companion underneath your feet that will help in running and cycling. While other shoes are great for trekking and hiking, triathlon shoes also fit the cycling paddle well. You need to look for a light-weighted shoe with a textured sole that will adjust with your cycling paddle and does not require extra power for speed.

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