Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

While training plays the most vital role in determining a triathlete’s performance, the quality of their gear can also help boost it. Therefore, aside from building up strength and endurance through practice, triathletes are also particular about their choice of swimsuit, caps, and goggles.

Swimming goggles play an important role in keeping a swimmer on track. Not only do they keep the eyes protected against the elements in the water, but they also enable the athlete to maintain visibility, which keeps them in the right direction.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

If you are looking for the right gear for yourself, below are the best swimming goggles for triathlons you should consider buying.

Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

The reason swimming goggles need to be carefully considered is that they often don’t feel the same for different individuals. This is why each swimmer needs to try out a few to determine which the best fit is for them. Having said that, following goggles have shown amazing results for several swimmers, making them a safe choice.

1. Roka Swimming Goggles

The Roka R1 is a top choice for most triathletes because it provides an amazing fit, visibility, and comfort. It has a patented design with lens adjustment, which allows for improved vision and secures itself tightly around the eyes to prevent leaks.

Although it cannot be adjusted mid swim, it features a double strap which prevents it from becoming loose. It is anti-fog and is made with the patented SpctrmTM tint to offer optimal visibility for every condition to the athlete.

All in all, it is a great choice for a triathlon and helps boost athlete performance.

2. Aqua Sphere Kayenne

A design fitting for athletes with a wider face shape, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne’s main selling feature is its wider lens, allowing for a greater field of vision. They are made with anti-fog technology and also provide UV protection, which is an added benefit.

These goggles are made with a patented curved lens technology, which offers improved visibility and hydrodynamics to give the athlete an edge. They are also made specially to prevent glare, and it’s helpful when swimming out in the open sea.

Our only advice to athletes would be to try it out to ensure it fits their frame perfectly before purchasing.

3. Huub Aphotic Goggles

If you are looking for goggles suitable for several conditions, you should opt for the Huub Aphotic Goggles. They give the athlete improved visibility due to the polarized lens and suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming.

One of their best features is the Photochromatic technology, which enables it to change color based on the intensity of sunrays to allow the most optimal vision for the swimmer both inside the water and out.

Their strap is adjustable, and they are comfortable to wear, which makes them an excellent choice for a triathlon.

4. Blueseventy Hydra Vision Goggles

For the athletes who struggle with fit and comfort, the Blueseventy Hydra Vision goggles are ideal because they feature a carefully designed nose bridge that offers improved hydrodynamics.

The goggles come in different tints to better suit the athlete’s preference, but all are fitted with curved lenses to offer better visibility and anti-fog properties. They are generally a good fit and are easily adjustable, which is convenient for swimmers.

It is lightweight and comfortable and a great choice for open water swimming.

5. Orca Killa 180

Orca Killa 180 has been designed specially to offer excellent comfort to the athlete to focus on the swimming without worrying about goggle adjustment.

Made with the innovative UltraFuse technology, the design optimizes pressure and fit to secure the goggles properly and prevent leaks without causing discomfort.

They also have an anti-fog coating that gives excellent visibility both inside and outside water, making them a good choice for long periods of swimming.

These are the best swimming goggles for triathlons and should definitely be on the top of your purchase list.

How to Select Swimming Goggles for Triathlons

Selecting good swimming goggles comes with a simple formula. Following are the main factors you should look at when swimming goggles to make the right choice.

Size and Shape

Choosing the correct size and shape for your face is important because it helps secure the goggles correctly and prevents leaks. This is important during a triathlon because incorrect shape and size will make goggles uncomfortable and hamper visibility.


The best goggles come with curved lenses because they offer great visibility, but another important consideration is your eyesight. If you normally wear glasses, it is best to buy prescription lenses for your goggles to ensure you will have the best visibility during the triathlon.


Goggles are available with the following tints, each of which has its benefits:

  • Clear– No visible tint, great for indoors or low-lighting
  • Mirror– Reduce the glare during the daytime, great for open water swimming
  • Smoke– Reduce the glare during daytime but less intensely than mirror tint
  • Polarized– Adaptable and adjust to optimally reduce the glare, great for open water swimming

Mirror and polarized are the best options for triathlons, and some goggles feature both tints in one, which enhances visibility.

Fog Protection

Fog protection technology is important in goggles because it will help you navigate through the triathlon without worrying about losing visibility underwater.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum up, the best swimming goggles for triathlons can balance fit, shape, visibility, and comfort. The ones who made it to our list have shown exceptional results in all categories and have used advanced technology in their design to achieve the desired results.

Make sure you consider the main features of the swimming goggles when purchasing and buy the option that suits you best. For more recommendations about triathlon gear, check out our other blog posts as well.

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