Best Gear for Triathletes

You will participate in three triathlon disciplines: swimming, biking and running. In a triathlon, you need gear to complete the whole course. You might think that you have to break the bank to get yourself the required equipment. But no, with a simple kit, you can go the entire triathlon course. This article will list the best gear you need during a triathlon.


It goes without saying that you need a bike to complete any triathlon. The question lies in what kind of bike will be useful for you during the triathlon. Well, that will depend. For instance, if you are just getting started with the sport and partaking in a local sprint race, your mountain bike or beach cruiser will suffice.

If the race is as per the Olympic standard, a 10-speed will do the job. However, if the tri-bug bites you, you can probably get a more suitable bike with clip-on aero bars. But as you start, a well functional bicycle will do.

Best Gear for Triathletes

It would help if you took the bike to the shop to verify all is safe, functional, and tight. Ensure the wheels have enough air and the chain has enough lube. Don’t focus so much on speed for the first race but on finishing the course.

Bike Shorts

Wearing bike shorts for the first time might feel a little funny because of the diaper feel. The short will, however, be helpful in the race. Apart from the pad, the shorts have microfibers that prevent skin soreness caused by paddling.

Shorts made of cotton may seem alright, but they wear the skin. They are therefore not the best option. It would help if you considered a cycle short, and your biking will be way more enjoyable.


You are essentially not allowed to bike without having a helmet. There are many options in the market for helmets, with prices ranging from very low to very high. It is worth noting that you don’t need a carbon fibre structured helmet with vented channels that cost up to $225. A cheap one will work just as perfectly.

Also, ensure that you get your helmet from the local bike store. The reason for purchasing in the bike shop is that the helmets there have gone through standardized safety testing. Some of the top brands include Specialized, Giro and Bell.

Flat Kit Bag

A flat kit bag will come in handy during the race. You will also have to learn how to use the goods inside the bag. For instance, underneath your saddle, the bag has essentials that will assist you in case you run into a flat tire. The tools include a tube, tire levers and a mini-pump.

Try to get acquainted with changing flats. You can check if your local bike store offers such kinds of seminars. Also, be mentally prepared because flats are bound to happen.


For the swim, two pairs of goggles are highly recommended. The first pair of goggles should be clear or have a light tint. These will be for swimming under cloudy conditions or at indoor pools. The second pair of goggles should be smoke tinted. These goggles will be useful when too much sunlight gets to your eyes, thus preventing you from sighting buoys.

Try them out at the store to ensure they fit properly for both pairs. Other people may prefer goggles with a mask style. They are also okay, and they may be less claustrophobic than the typical glasses.


You must use your wetsuit severally while training to get accustomed before the race day. A wetsuit will be tight upon donning it, but the feeling usually subsides once you get into the water. The usefulness of a wetsuit is that you will stay level and warm while in the water.


You will need a basic pair of sunglasses while running and biking. They will be useful in thwarting wind, raindrops, bugs, and splashes from your energy drink. They will also help a great deal in knocking down sun glare.

Running Shoes

Of course, you will need a pair of shoes to do the running. You may not have to spend so much if you already have running shoes. Yes, the running shoes you wear while walking your dog will work perfectly.


Ideally, a triathlon is meant to take part in the three disciplines back to back in the least amount of time. Changing from bike shorts to running shorts consumes a lot of time. And that is where a trisuit comes in. You will not have to change your outfits from start to finish when you wear a trisuit.

The suit is made of fabric that dries up fast. The bike ride is also comfortable with the trisuit as it has soft, pliable leather. You will therefore get from swimming to biking to running much more swiftly.

Transition Towel or Mat

This is pretty straightforward. A mat or towel will act as a marker of the position of your bike once you are out of the water. You will notice that most of the athletes will bring mats or towels that appear as insane as possible, making their spots more conspicuous.

You can also haul off the wetsuit and change into running shoes on the spot. Make sure you also settle on a conspicuous selection.

Running Hat

During the race and training, you will spend a lot of time under the sun. It would be helpful if you protect your head and skin from direct sunlight. A good running hat will handle the job perfectly. Also, a running hat will protect your eyes from direct sunlight.

A sports Watch

If you have ever been to a triathlon, it will be helpful if you get a digital sports watch. The watch will be beneficial to compare the time you finish the course with the previous time and see if you are making any progress. Make sure the watch can offer split times to separate the periods used in each discipline.

Water Bottle

You will need to have something to sip while biking or while running. Therefore, it will be important to have a water bottle with you during the race.

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