Fastest Ironman Times Ever

When it comes to Ironman competitions, there really is no such thing as an Ironman world record. The reason for this is that triathlons can involve a lot of variation in climate and topography.

When it comes to just the running aspect, an official world record needs to meet certain criteria, including course certification, the number of athletes in the event, drug testing, and whether the race was a co-ed event. Such standards generally do not exist in triathlons.

Records Tracked for Fastest Ironman Times

That said, the Guinness World Records does recognize a number of triathlon records. These include longest triathlon, most long-distance triathlon races completed on consecutive days, and fastest time to complete an Ironman triathlon.

Fastest Ironman Times Ever

Here are some of the fastest Ironman times that have been recorded for men:

Kristian Blummenfelt, Norway, 7:21:12, Ironman Cozumel 2021

Multiple outlets reported that Kristian Blummenfelt posted the fastest time ever for a race at Ironman distance, although it needed to be noted that his time was helped by a strong current in the waters off Mexico. He also won the gold medal in the men’s triathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Jan Frodeno, Germany, 7:27:53, Tri-Battle Royale 2021

Jan Frodeno was credited with achieving a new record time for the Ironman distance in 2021 at the Tri-Battle Royale in Germany. Frodeno also won the gold medal in the men’s triathlon at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, won the Ironman World Championship in 2015, 2016, and 2019, and won the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in 2015 and 2018.

Jan Frodeno, Germany, 7:35:39, Challenge Roth 2016

At the 2016 Challenge Roth competition, Frodeno once again established a record time. He finished more than 20 seconds ahead of British Joe Skipper and German Nils Frommhold.

Ruedi Wild, Switzerland, 7:36:35, Ironman Cozumel 2021

Ironman Cozumel occurs on an island in Mexico, and Ruedi Wild finished with another record time in addition to the major record achieved by Kristian Blummenfelt.

Kristian Hogenhaug, Denmark, 7:37:46, Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2021

Kristian Hogenhaug finished the 2021 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships Almere-Amsterdam after 7:37:46, thanks to a late push.

Spain’s Pablo Gonzalez Dapena originally had the lead in the water, but Hogenhaug and Swede Jesper Svensson stayed together until the end of the bike and then ran side by side for long periods of time until Hogenhaug made his move at 30 kilometers.

For women, the fastest Ironman times include:

Chrissie Wellington, Great Britain, 8:18:13, Challenge Roth 2011

Chrissie Wellington finished with a time of 8:18:13 that beat her own world best time of 8:19:13 she set the year before. She finished fifth overall, meaning only four men had better times than her.

Chrissie Wellington, Great Britain, 8:19:13, Challenge Roth 2010

The year before her own record time, Wellington had set a record. Now retired, Wellington holds all three world and championship records relating to Ironman-distance triathlon races: the overall world record, the Ironman World Championship course record, and the official world record for all Ironman-branded triathlon races over the full Ironman distance.

Daniela Ryf, Switzerland, 8:22:04, Challenge Roth 2016

At the same event in which Jan Frodeno finished in a record time, Daniela Ryf was only four minutes slower than Chrissie Wellington’s 2011 record time. Amazingly, Ryf then finished the Ironman Switzerland a week later in 8:53:49, with a 55:16 swim, a 4:46:31 bike, and a 3:07:31 marathon.

Sara Svensk, Sweden, 8:22:41, Ironman Cozumel 2021

The fast Cozumel swim course saw Austrian 2019 champion Carrie Lester lead the charge with 43:12, but seven other athletes were less than 60 seconds behind. Svensk broke three hours for the marathon (2:58:02) on the way to 8:22:41.

Daniela Ryf, Switzerland, 8:26:18, Ironman World Championship 2018

Two years after her impressive showing at Challenge Roth, Daniela Ryf crushed the bike course record (4:26:07) on her way to establishing the fastest Ironman finishing time for a woman in history at 8:26:18.

Great Britain’s Lucy Charles came out of the water in 48:14 and established a new swim course record for women. Ryf emerged a full 10 minutes behind Charles after dealing with being stung by a jellyfish before the start of the swim.

Ryf finished the day with her second-fastest marathon ever in Kona—2:57:05—and crossed the finish line in 8:26:16, which marked the first time a woman went under 8:30 at an Ironman.

Additional Ironman records include:

Top 5 Men’s Swim Times

  1. Jan Sibbersen, Germany, 00:42:17, Ironman Germany, 07-12-2004
  2. Luke McKenzie, Austria, 00:42:26, Ironman Brasil, 05-30-2010
  3. Bart Colpaert, Belgium, 00:42:54, Ironman Austria, 06-30-2013
  4. Santi Pellejero Gacia, Spain, 00:42:55, Ironman Austria, 06-30-2013
  5. Dylan McNeice, New Zealand, 00:43:30, Challenge Wanaka, 02-20-2016

Top 5 Women’s Swim Times

  1. Amanda Stevens, United States, 00:45:04, Ironman Germany, 07-08-2012
  2. Dede Griesbauer, United States, 00:45:34, Ironman UK (Sherbourne), 08-16-2006
  3. Dede Griesbauer, United States, 00:45:48, Ironman Brasil, 05-30-2010
  4. Simone Braendli, Switzerland, 00:45:51, Ironman Austria, 06-29-2014
  5. Monica Byrn, United States, 00:45:59, Ironman Brasil, 05-28-2006

Top 5 Men’s Bike Times of all time

  1. Andrew Starykowicz, United States, 03:54:59, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  2. Jan Frodeno, Germany, 03:55:22, Tri Battle, 07-18-2021
  3. Lionel Sanders, Canada, 04:00:26, Tri Battle, 07-18-2021
  4. Andrew Starykowicz, United States, 04:01:14, Ironman Texas, 04-22-2017
  5. Andrew Starykowicz, United States, 04:01:19, Ironman Florida, 11-02-2019

Top 5 Women’s Bike Times of all time

  1. Jen Annett, Canada, 04:25:10, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  2. Daniela Ryf, Switzerland, 04:26:07, Ironman Hawaii, 10-13-2018
  3. Jodie Robertson, United Statees, 04:27:30, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  4. Kimberley Morrison, Great Britain, 04:27:45, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  5. Melissa Hauschildt, Austria, 04:29:55, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018

Top 5 Men’s Run Times of all time

  1. Matt Hanson, United States, 02:34:39, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  2. Gustav Iden, Norway, 02:34:50, Ironman Florida, 11-06-2021
  3. Denis Chevrot, France, 02:35:18, Ironman Austria, 09-19-2021
  4. Ivan Tutukin, Russia, 02:35:19, Ironman Texas, 04-28-2018
  5. Kristian Blummenfelt, Norway, 02:35:23, Ironman Cozumel, 11-21-2021

Top 5 Women’s Run Times of all time

  1. Kristin Moeller, Germany, 02:41:57, Ironman UK, 07-31-2011
  2. Chrissie Wellington, Great Britain, 02:44:35, Challenge Roth, 07-10-2011
  3. Laura Philipp, Germany, 02:44:48, Ironman Austria, 09-19-2021
  4. Chrissie Wellington, Great Britain, 02:48:54, Challenge Roth, 07-18-2010
  5. Mirinda Carfrae, Austria, 02:49:06, Ironman Austria, 06-26-2016

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