Best Triathlon Watches

Are you looking to energize your workout routine? Get a triathlon watch. These watches are different from fitness trackers and have tons of features that can help you stay fit. A triathlon watch can track your heart rate underwater and motivate you into putting extra effort into your training. If you have been practicing just one sport of a triathlon (cycling, swimming, or running), you should check out our list of the best triathlon watches you can buy.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The watches featured in this post are some of the best ones available right now that have advanced technology and other tracking features.

How to Choose the Best Triathlon Watch

An excellent triathlon watch has many features that set it apart from regular smartwatches. One of these features is waterproofing; if you don’t have this feature, you won’t be able to use it for your swimming practice. Here are some of the things to look for when buying the best triathlon watches.

1. Battery Life

Just like any electronic device, battery life is an important factor to consider. A good triathlon watch should last at least 6 to 8 hours with GPS mode; otherwise, it won’t serve its purpose. A triathlon can last for days, and you might need to recharge your watch during one. To avoid requiring charging during your race, buy a triathlon watch with maximum battery life.

How to choose the best triathlon watch

2. Swimming Metric Tracker

A good triathlon watch is not only waterproof, but it can also measure your swimming metrics. It allows the wearer to be aware of their speed, stamina, and other factors that improve performance. Moreover, a good triathlon watch should also monitor your heart rate underwater. Otherwise, there is no point in buying one.

3. Minimum Distraction

A triathlon watch should be free from friction and navigating a complicated menu to find the right sports mood. You will be busy taking off your swimming suit and putting on your cycling gear, let alone dig through your watch to find the best sports mood. Most high-end triathlon watches offer one-button navigation to the different sports mode, and some even come with a built-in triathlon mode for a seamless transition.

4. Fit and Comfortable

Triathlon watches undergo a tough environment during the marathon, and they need to be sturdy, fit, and comfortable. You can’t be tightening your strap during the race and trip over. Best triathlon watches have a smooth silicone strap that fits the size of your wrist naturally.

The 5 Best Triathlon Watches to Help You Train and Win

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best triathlon watches.

1. Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin 945 is the perfect combination of price and features. While some people might say that it looks just like 935, they aren’t wrong. While the 945 has carried its predecessors’ looks, its inner hardware has been completely revamped. You can expect a more accurate heart-rate monitoring and a much longer battery life in this model, thanks to its advanced processor chip. In summary, the Garmin 945 is an excellent choice for triathlon runners, and it won’t let you down.

Key Features

  • Revamped hardware
  • New heart-rate sensor
  • More battery life
  • Gorilla glass

2. Garmin Forerunner 745

The Garmin 745 is an amazing watch for a triathlon, and it’s somewhat cheaper than 945. It has removed over the top features of 945 and retained the necessary heart-rate monitor and other tracking measures. In terms of price, the Garmin 745 is in the goldilocks zone with the right features. You can expect this watch to last around 10 hours or more without GPS, and the screen is protected with Gorilla glass. If you are looking for an affordable substitute for Garmin 945, this watch will keep you happy for a long time.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Good battery life
  • Excellent price

3. Suunto BARO 9

The Suunto BARO wins in terms of battery life with a whopping 120 hours in ultra mode. That being said, you won’t be using this feature all the time because all it does is track your location. The Suunto BARO still outperforms Garmin 945. Its sports mode lasts for 24 hours, giving you every accurate detail needed to track your fitness. Moreover, it’s heavier and stronger, meaning it won’t slip or fall off your wrist so easily. However, it might be a deal-breaker for people with small wrists. Maybe Suunto should focus on making a customizable strap next time?

Key Features

  • Large screen
  • High resolution
  • Ultimate battery life
  • Premium feel


COROS PACE 2 is a great triathlon watch but with a glitchy GPS tracker. Yes, the tracker will lose your location, but it’s not a big deal compared to its benefits. Moreover, the COROS PACE 2 doesn’t have a sleep and recovery tracker, so you won’t have to wear it to bed. However, the battery life on this triathlon watch is phenomenal. Remember to dust your charger from time to time; this way, you’ll only need to charge this watch once a week. Regardless of its amazing battery life, you can find a beautiful screen on top that will keep you busy adding widgets. However, the PACE 2 doesn’t have a touch-screen, so you will miss the tap-tap action.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent screen
  • Plenty of sensors

5. POLAR Vantage M

The POLAR Vantage M is a uniquely tailored triathlon watch that is efficient and funky at the same time. It comes in various colors, but our favorite is the lime green that helps you stand out in the sea of black triathlon watches. The battery life on this watch is pretty good, and you will find a 240×240 display that does a good job. In summary, it’s an excellent watch if you are not planning to run any ultra-triathlons.

Key Features

  • Colorful design
  • Unique features
  • Excellent screen

Our Final Thoughts

All things aside, these triathlon watches are amazing to help you stay fit and keep you under training for the run. While some watches offer robust features, you can’t rank them above others. Most times, you won’t be using these features. In summary, you can say one watch outranks the other, but overall, all of them are excellent offerings that perform well and will benefit you!

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