Best Triathlon Training Apps

Participating in a triathlon – typically a swimming, biking, and long-distance running event – is no easy feat. After all, you have to train for tiring hours for several months in advance and start keeping your body properly nourished well before that.

Whether you’re preparing for your first triathlon and aren’t sure where to begin or looking to beat your personal best, you have to make your training sessions proactive as well as effective. One of the well-reasoned steps you can take for that is to make use of the best triathlon training apps. These handy smartphone applications make the ideal instructors, providing triathletes training and nutrition advice while also bringing them closer to the rest of the rapidly growing triathlon family.

The 6 Best Triathlon Training Apps

Now that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of participating in triathlons, let’s learn about the best six triathlon apps that you can find to boost your spirits and performance level!

Best Triathlon Training Apps

1. Strava – Run, Ride, and Swim

Google Play Rating: 4.4
App Store Rating: 4.8

Strava turns your Android and iOS smartphone into a sophisticated fitness tracker, as it connects you with the thriving athletic community to reach your fitness goals. The application tracks and analyzes your performance metrics, including distance, pace, elevation, speed, and calories, while giving you the chance to compare these attributes with your history accumulated over time. Furthermore, you can enhance your training by pushing yourself to meet the monthly challenges while also competing with other app users.

2. TrainingPeaks –  Hit Your Stride

Google Play Rating: 4.6
App Store Rating: 4.8

There is more than one-way TrainingPeaks helps you achieve your very best during your triathlon training. The application takes a personalized approach for beginner to elite level athletes, allowing them to structure their training sessions adequately. You can design your monthly plans by volume and intensity after entering into the event you want to compete in. Then the app automatically syncs the schedule to your calendar for your long runs, swims, and rides while tracking your fitness progression over time.

3. Bike Doctor – Your Mid-Atlantic Cycling Resource

Google Play Rating: 3.9
App Store Rating: 3.5

Whether you’re struggling with a derailleur that wouldn’t fit right or squeaky brakes, Bike Doctor can be the stress-free solution to all your bike-related problems. The application includes detailed written instructions, video tutorials, and pictures to get you back on the road when met with a problematic situation. The best feature of this application is that it makes the most complicated repairs seem easy and doable, even for the most novice mechanics.

4. Wiggle – Cycle, Run, Swim

Google Play Rating: 4.7
App Store Rating: 4.7

Are you looking for the ultimate triathlete gear that’s best suited for your particular goals and needs? If so, Wiggle is the right place to be. Not only can you pick out the best sports gear from a wide range of products for cycling, swimming, and running in this app, but you also get essential tech support for tips, insights, and optimal triathlon training advice regarding fitness and nutrition.

5. TrainerRoad – Cycling Planning, Training, and Analytics

Google Play Rating: 4.8
App Store Rating: 4.9

TrainerRoad is one of the best triathlon training apps to enhance your performance and stamina for the race’s biking portion. The application offers a selection of indoor workouts that specifically base on improving your overall core muscle structure.

6. Elite HVR – The Best Heart Rate Variability Monitor

Google Play Rating: 4.0
App Store Rating: 4.6

Lastly, Elite HRV is the ultimate application to provide you with live biofeedback that determines whether you are overtraining, right on track, or still not progressing as you should for reaching your goals. This effectively helps triathletes alter their workout schedule as needed with time.

Triathlon Training Tips

However, before we get to discussing the best triathlon training apps for the Android and iOS users, let’s take a look at the basic dos and don’ts of participating in the said competition:

1. Keep Consistent

The first thing for ensuring your success is to keep consistent with your training sessions. While you might think that skipping a week or two now and then wouldn’t make any notable difference, even the slightest inconsistency can take a toll on your overall training in the worst of ways.

2. Don’t Skip On the Strength Training Sessions

Weight room sessions are probably the first thing most triathletes drop when their schedules get especially busy. However, that’s a mistake on their part since strength training is the key that holds all their other training together. If something needs to be let go of, we suggest dropping a recovery bike ride to make more time.

3. Don’t Overdo It on Your First Triathlon

The best way to prepare yourself for the real thing is to sign yourself up for sprint triathlons. Followed by a sprint triathlon and months of focused training, you can make it easier for yourself to participate in the more challenging competitions.

4. Find and Work On Your Weaknesses

There’s no room for weaknesses when it comes to triathlons. For example, suppose you are an under-trained swimmer who detests staying in the water for more than a few minutes. In that case, you are bound to get lost in the chaos when reality strikes. Unfortunately, many triathletes find themselves experiencing panic episodes and even heart attacks under such situations when they aren’t adequately prepared.

5. Train with a Group

Being the lone wolf when training for a triathlon is never a good idea. While you may think that joining a group would make you feel overwhelmed or intimidated, the supportive group dynamic among the triathlon community does exactly the reverse. Moreover, it’s significantly harder to skip your workout sessions when you feel accountable to the clan.

Our Final Thoughts

There are several resources you can make use of to boost your performance when out in the field. From using the best triathlon training apps we mentioned in this article to looking up triathletes online to get inspired, nothing remains unobtainable when you set your heart to it. However, while the smartphone applications are the ideal instructors you can ask for without spending an excessive amount of money, we also recommend keeping consistent and not breaking your streak for acquiring the best possible results!

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