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Best Triathlon Bike Shoes

Cycling Shoes

Getting the right pair of triathlon bike shoes for your triathlon racing competitions is just as important as getting the bike itself. While you can use your regular road cycling shoes for triathlons, racing shoes will help you pedal better and allow you to get in and out of transition quickly.


Specialized triathlon shoes will make cycling easy for you if you don’t want to end up doing cartwheels that slice off your transition times. They are designed to allow for a sharp yank as your feet either enter the shoe that’s already clamped into the pedal or laying on your transition towel. They also offer better speed and security system.


Triathlon shoes will also make mounting and dismounting more comfortable and could be the winning key to your next race. With these benefits in mind, let us look at some of the best triathlon bike shoes available in the market right now.


Fizik Transiro Infinito R1 Knit


These shoes feature a new design with an upper knit that has been engineered for enhanced ventilation and comfort. The pair gives the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility that cyclists need while racing.


The shoes are quite comfortable and feel lightweight on your feet. You will find it easy to slide in and out of them without much effort. The outsole is made from full UD carbon making them very sturdy and weather resistant.


Fizik designed the Transiro Infinito shoes with distinct knitting patterns that create vents and mesh openings. These openings make these shoes more breathable that helps in coping with sweating during a long bike ride.


Pearl iZumi Tri Fly PRO V3


The new Tri Fly PRO V3 is a significant improvement on the earlier models Tri Fly Octane and Tri Fly Carbon that were previously sold by Pearl iZumi. These are the top of the line racing shoe that are both lightweight and stiff enough to offer optimal power transfer for the cyclist.


The shoes are designed with a Velcro straps based closure system giving you the option for a “wide open” position. This can be very helpful when you do flying mounts. The heel loop on these shoes is designed to be off-center making it easier for the cyclist to adjust the straps even after they have mounted the bike.


The anatomic tri closure system eliminates hot spots and removes pressure from the forefoot. This makes the pair comfortable despite the higher stiffness rating of 13.


If you are planning to go on long rides, your feel will still feel supported with its Dual Density EVA insole that gives you both longitudinal and traverse arch support.


Mavic Cosmic Elite


Mavic is another popular company that offers high-quality biking equipment. The company originally started as a pedal manufacturer and transitioned to offer other products including bike shoes. They offer some of the most innovative shoes designs in the market.


The Mavic Cosmic Elite is a fine pair of shoes designed specifically for triathlon cycling. These shoes offer the best transfer of control to pedals as they have a rating of 100 on the energy transfer index. For each push to the pedal, you will get more power and speed than any other shoes in the market.


The shoes use multiple technologies and construction methods that allow the best transfer of power to the cycle. The upper material is made from synthetic microfiber, mesh while the outsole is made of Carbon SLR that allows better energy transfer and stiffness.


Other useful features include wide openings that allow you to easily slip in your feet. They also have oversized heel loops, foot security and easily adjustable Ergo Tri Strap.


LG X-Lite II Triathlon Shoes


LG (Louis Garneau) has made significant improvements to its X-Lite II triathlon shoes from the prior models. The new model has a stiffer outsole and stronger hook and loose fasteners that won’t loosen even after a long ride.


The X-Lite II features up-to-date ergonomics that will help your feet stay comfortable while you focus on going faster on the bike.


The shoes are designed with LG’s patented Power Zone technology that offers better arch support and power transfer than the prior model. Your feet will feel very secure on the pedal and transfer as much power to the pedals as you push.


The “Racer Fit” shape used for the shoes will help reduce stack height to the pedal. The design makes your feet more centered on the pedal without causing your feet to become sore.


Scott Sports Tri Carbon


It is easy to see an obvious difference between the Scott Sports Tri Carbon triathlon cycling shoes and most of the other cycling shoes that you will find in the market.


For a start, this is the only pair of triathlon cycling shoes that features the BOA IP1 closure. This design offers lightweight, strong laces that are held together with dials that allow you to make incredibly minute and precise adjustments to the shoes.


The wraparound microfiber construction is built for a comfortable, secure fit with or without socks. The breathable, full carbon sole provides efficient power transfer for riders.


It has a stiffness index of nine out of ten which means that the shoes are capable of transferring short, high-powered pushes while still leaving just enough comfort to manage longer segments with ease.


Final Thoughts

There is a lot of variety when it comes to racing shoes. You can get shoes from triathlon biking to road bikes. Each pair of shoes offers its own particular benefits from price and comfort to quality.


In most cases, casual cyclists will be able to get by with regular running shoes. People who are more invested in triathlon competitions may want to further invest in the best pair of cycling shoes in the market.


If you regularly take part in triathlong cycling competitions or go for long tours then consider some of the biking shoes in our list. If you have more questions or want to add something let us know [>>link to contact page]