Best Free Triathlon Training Plans for Beginners

Best Free Triathlon Training Plans for Beginners
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Training is a significant part of sports, and each sport requires a plan for self-discipline, keeping track of improvements, knowing the areas of focus to work on, and other valuable information that is resourceful in progressing to perfection.

If you are looking for the best free triathlon training plans for beginners, we can help with some of the most profound programs that work on PC and mobile devices.

These are some of the programs worth looking into as we recommend them for your benefit and growth, and the best part is they’re all free.

The Beginner Exercise Program

This program is monthly and is recommended for those who are obese. The first two months begin with cycling and strength training as it takes a smoother approach into the more in-depth training as you go along the 8-month training course.

In the following months, swimming and running training are introduced. By that time, the body should be adjusting to the added training each month. Each month is a stepping stone to more significant challenges and training to help you excel on your path to a more robust exercise program.

  1. The first month deals with cardiovascular by riding a bike. It is designed to start off slow and begin the process of losing weight and strengthening some of the muscles.
  2. In the second month, the process continues to focus on cardio workouts and gaining strength as you move along. It gradually moves on to the next level as the body gets used to the slight increase in demands from the program.
  3. Swimming begins in the third month as strength and endurance are building.
  4. Swimming endurance is added to the fourth-month process.
  5. The fifth month teaches and works on how to build speed.
  6. The program continues to work on swimming speed in the sixth month, and walking and running are introduced this month.
  7. Discipline and more endurance are added to the program in the seventh month as it begins to get you ready for the triathlons in the Fall.
  8. The brickwork is included, and the transition is set up as training intensifies, followed by a two-week taper before the race. This is the final month of the program, and it will have you ready for the events.


This free program offers an endurance basis for beginners. This program only focuses on running. Two variations are included in the program: The “Aggressive” four-month and the other option is the “Conservative” seven-month program.

The “Aggressive” will have you working 30 minutes a day, three times a week. It takes 16 weeks to complete. If you struggle to complete this course within three months, don’t sweat it; just add another month to the program and add ten minutes to each day.

You should skip a full day in between sessions. The goal is to have you running at your best with ease by the end of the program.

The “Conservative” program stretches the “Aggressive” program out to seven months. The same rules apply; you are just working at a slower but steady pace.


These programs focus on breaking everything down to push each of the triathlons. In this program, there is a ten and a 20-week session for training that kicks off the New Year. It keeps you focused on the finish line throughout the training.

The endurance and discipline come more with running and swimming sessions. The ten-week plan is “Aggressive” and focuses on three swimming sessions, three running sessions, and two biking sessions. This program explains how it is better to cut down on one of the biking sessions rather than cutting that session out of the other two.

The 20-week plan is more “Conservative” and adds extra time for those who cannot handle the “Aggressive” ten weeks. The same applies to the swimming, running, and biking sessions as in the ten-week program.


In this program, the focus is on endurance. There are multiple sprint programs within this training, and the good news is it allows you to work at your own pace and set your own schedule. You have six to 12 months to complete the training program.

Beginner Sprint

There are three options on how you wish to handle this training. Inside this program are a 13-week, a 16-week, and a 20-week for you to decide. The program is excellent, primarily if you work on a tight schedule.

It covers all three sports and focuses on the weak areas of each to build your confidence and stability to bring you to perfection. The training starts with the standard exercises and excels you and your endurance.


All of the programs above are piled into this one program. Each person is different, and your weaknesses and strengths determine how long the training course will last.

On average, you are looking at a ten to 17-month training course from walk to the day of the race. The focus point is to get you crossing the finish line of an International Distance Triathlon.

Beginner Olympic

These programs focus on building up your weak points. All three sports are involved in the program, and the course runs between 16 to 20 weeks. It is considered one of the more extraordinary beginner programs. The program strives to build a solid base with the least amount of time.

Beginner 1/2 Ironman

This plan is only one-half of the training but covers a lot of challenging weeks ahead. It has a reasonable amount of hours to put into the training, but it is only the minimal training.

This program works best only for those who have the endurance experience and has had some Olympic races for distance in the past. The basis is solely to improve what is instilled at the beginning.

Beginner Full Ironman

This is the best free triathlon training plan for beginners to complete their first Ironman. The plan begins at eight hours and then significantly excels up to 15-18 hours per week. Ideal for those who finished some of the Olympic distance races.

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