Are There Triathlons With Kayaking Included?

So you are looking for a triathlon and want one with kayaking in the mix of the three sports. There is good news. There are triathlon events where swimming is removed and kayaking is in place.

One of the most famous events is the Continental National Adventure Race Series which replaces swimming with kayaking. There are others we will cover with triathlons with kayaking included, so please, read on!

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Kayathon, The Adventure Racing Hub, is the top spot to find all the information on where triathlons take place, with kayaking included. Information about the famous Continental National Adventure Races Series is found on this page. It also explains the events and other locations where kayaking is in place of swimming for the triathlons.

Are There Triathlons With Kayaking Included

Tri means three, so when the three main sports in triathlons are running, biking, and swimming, the only difference is the water sport of the swimming race is removed, and kayaking fits right in its place. The transitions work the same, and there are choices for beginners and experts familiar with the terrain, transitions, and distances.

Transitions of the Race

All of the race transitions are the same, beginning with the kayaking, then it moves on to the biking, and then last is the running. Some of the longer races can transition up to eight times. The distances available to individuals are the Challenge, Sport, and Expert.

The Challenge: Anyone can try out for this race if they pay the entrance fee. These races go by quickly and are between 18km to 25km. The entire race will take one and a half hours. Beginners are encouraged to sign up for this one because you do not want to overdo it if you are not experienced.

The Sport: These races are a bit further, around 40 to 50km. Anyone can sign up for these races too. However, endurance is a must. If all you can handle is The Challenge, then stay with it. You can move on to higher levels as you go along.

If you passed your standards last year for The Challenge with no problems, you should be able to get this level done with no issues. The primary thing for safety purposes is to know what you can and can’t handle. The last thing you want is to collapse or worse, so please know your limits and standards.

The Expert: This is the top of the chain where all aspects are tested for strength and endurance and is the training program that pushes you to the limits. This is not for everyone because the courses require the top fitness level and last from three to six hours.

This race can be compared to the half an Ironman to the full Ironman challenge, and if you have completed either of these, you can fit into the Expert. The distance is between 50km to 80km. This would be the most pressing race requiring the most endurance for the most challenging terrains.

Going Through the Terrains

In these triathlons with kayaking included, the terrains for the bike are made up of different surfaces, from secondary roads to the smooth, flat tarmac. Some areas have good climbs to test your leg strength and endurance while delivering the ultimate biking experience during the race.

The runners will face forestry, flat ground, up mountains, alongside rivers and beaches, and any location where your legs and feet can carry you. It has the perfect scenery for those who love to run in a racing adventure.

When it comes time to get into the kayak, all of the equipment needed is included with the kayak. It contains the paddle, life vest, and kayak. The kayak holds two people, and it is highly recommended that the partner with the most experience sits at the back, where all the steering takes place.

The one who sits in the front paddles on each side one stroke at a time. This will keep the kayak straight. The one in the back offers more strokes on the side needed to turn. It takes about thirty seconds to get used to it.

The distance traveled in the water is 1km and lasts from eight to fifteen minutes, depending on your speed.

The experts will operate a single kayak, and they sign up for it at the beginning of the race. Those in the top five are the only ones allowed to use the single kayaks, which are set aside and designated specifically for them.

The Different Triathlons

These triathlons are a few of the ones that substitute kayaking for swimming. There are many more locations to look up, but these are the top ones known worldwide. If you wish to make a trip out of it, it is excellent for a vacation.

Those who put their heart and soul into the triathlons know these places well and are constantly returning to compete. The courses and routes for each work in the local’s favor.

Continental National Adventure Race Series

These races originated in Ireland and are held in different locations yearly.

Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race

This is held annually in British Columbia and Vancouver Island, Canada. It is designed to work out both physical and mental limits and put them to the test of endurance.

The Purgatory 4 Adventure Relay

Trinidad, Colorado, hosts this event as the triathletes come together for a day of racing. Kayaking through the lakes, running, and biking in the mountains is the thrill for those participating in the races.

The Flyathlon

Iowa and Colorado team up to bring about The Flyathlon every year. This event is a triathlon, but it also has other events at the same time, like crafting beer and fly-fishing.

Rendezvous River Sports Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle

This event is held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All the events occur at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and end in Snake River Canyon at the Astoria Hot Springs.

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