What to Wear in a Triathlon

Before giving it your best on the big day, you should know what to wear in a triathlon.

Wearing the right gear and attire can give you that small boost in performance that might make the difference between winning and losing. But, of course, there is nothing quite like hard training.

You will find that the pros wear a diverse range of triathlon apparel. The triathlon sport has prospered and grown over the years. More women now compete in the sport, and there is also a much wider fan base. As a result, there is a profusion of choice in tri clothing.

What to Wear in a Triathlon

What to wear in a triathlon? Here is what you need to know.

The following may work well for most competitors.

Pearl Izumi Select Tri Shorts – these are fine triathlon shorts made by a good brand. Get real shorts designed for the sport rather instead of going for ordinary shorts.

Zoot Active Mesh Tri Top – although you could make do with a workout shirt, this functional and comfortable is a good choice for serious competitors.

Giro Agilis – this bike helmet will do quite nicely for triathlons and other competitions involving bike racing.

Synergy Triathlon Wet Suit –

This is a cool, wet suit for triathlons that has great customer satisfaction. The wet suit is often the most expensive purchase, so make sure that it is of good quality like this one.

Swimming Goggles – Speedo Goggles Hydrospecs Classic is a popular choice. They work well for others and will do nicely for you.

Do I Need a Triathlon Suit?

You may be wondering whether or not you need a triathlon suit. Many professional athletes choose to wear one since it is a one-piece multi-purpose suit that takes care of everything. From the start of the race all the way to the cool-down phase at the end, the triathlon suit does just fine.

However, there are plenty of users who use more than one suit. These are non-specialized garments and have a lower price tag than the all-purpose triathlon suit.

A triathlon suit is designed to let you go faster while feeling more comfortable during the triathlon race. You can even wear it as your only suit when taking the dip.

The suit should be dry quickly so that you are fully dry when you reach your bike. This is important since you will not chafe.

Of course, a major benefit is that you don’t need to swap and switch clothes. Thus you can shift to the next leg of the race without pause.

A major downside is a cost. Another big drawback is that triathlon suits are pretty much specialized and are thus not ideal for other forms of fitness.

Remember, a triathlon suit is not essential for the race. Many go without.

If you are sure that you want a suit for the race, then check out the 2XU Men’s Comp Full Zip Sleeved Trisuit (ASIN – B079FD7WV3). This is a nice suit from a prestigious brand. The suit has a lower price tag than most others, but it works just as well.

One word of advice for tri suits. Since they are expensive, you may not want to wear them all the time while training. Of course, you will also not want to avoid them altogether since the suit might feel odd on race day. Just wear it sparingly during training season.

For training sessions, you are free to choose what feels comfortable for you.

Triathlon Shorts

Triathlon shorts are a must if you eschew the tri suit. Investing in the tri shorts mentioned above is a good choice.

Although tri shorts might look much like ordinary bike shorts, there are subtle differences.

Tri shorts are designed to dry quickly. You want to be dry when embarking on your bike; otherwise, you might face skin irritation. Additionally, tri shorts have a thinner and lighter seat pad than most bike shorts. Again, the light design is meant for quick drying to not wet while sitting on your bike.

Most tri shorts are to be found in the $50 to $100 price range. Besides the price, you will want to look into the color. Inseams are between 8 and 10 inches.

The most important facet of your decision should, of course, be quality.

Remember that triathlon shorts are not meant for use in a pool. So spare your shorts for tri races so that their lifespan does not fall.

The Pearl Izumi Select shorts mentioned above provide good quality at a decent price point. So you get good value for money whether you are an experienced or novice triathlete.

Triathlon Tops

Foregoing the tri suit means choosing the right tri top in addition to your tri shorts.

You can go for the singlet, which is good not just for triathlons but other endurance sports like running and cycling.

Depending on the quality and brand, you can get a singlet between $40 and $100.

Women may want to wear the support top. This is much like a training bra or a swimsuit top. Women wearing the support top can choose to throw on a shirt when they come out of water. Or they can continue as is.

If women want, they can also wear a workout shirt or t-shirt for the rest of the race when out of the water.

A lot of triathletes choose to don a workout shirt or t-shirt.

Moisture-wicking shirts from sports brands like Sugui are a top choice for many athletes.

The cycling shirt is also a possibility, but it does have the tendency to chafe during running when damp.

Tri Wetsuits

Wetsuits might work fine, provided the temperature is not too high. Be sure that temps are not more than 78 degrees.

The advantage of a wetsuit is that it can keep you warm and cozy in cool water. Of course, they also help you to glide through the water more easily.

The choices shown above are good starting points that won’t break the bank.

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