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Competing in a Triathlon is a once in a lifetime opportunity that most participants do not want to mess up because of the wrong gear. Having the best triathlon shoes play an integral role because they are your immediate point of contact with the ground and ensure that you get a good grip while cycling and running. Wearing the wrong shoes that don’t sit well on your feet or aren’t meant for triathlons can significantly dent your chances of a strong finish.

The wrong pair of shoes can also cause other problems such as aggravated foot issues, blisters and other problems of the nature. A shoe with premium ergonomics and feasibility for triathlons will give you the kind of cushioning and support you require on the track when running in a triathlon. The exceptional results will improve your performance and keep injuries at bay.

In order to participate in a triathlon, you need to have the best quality triathlon shoes. We understand that finding such shoes on your own can be difficult, which is why we provide you with resources here. In this article, we take a look at some of the best triathlon shoes and review them for your convenience. Stick with us as we guide you to the best shoes for your triathlon experience.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Triathlon Shoes

Before you purchase the best triathlon shoes, you should be aware of the various factors and metrics that are involved in the purchase. You cannot just run with an ordinary pair of shoes in a triathlon, which is why you ought to consider the following factors:

Best Triathlon Shoes


The fit and size of the shoes is an important metric to consider when buying all kinds of footwear, especially those meant for a triathlon. You must know that the size is ideal for you and shouldn’t compromise on this. The shoe should sit well around the heel and follow the natural curvature of your feet.


The durability of the shoe is another factor that you should keep in consideration during the purchase. Every shoe comes with a life expectancy that comes down to the quality of the build and the materials used to make it. A pair of shoes with poor build quality will fail to be durable and will not stack up for your triathlon experience.


The lacing of the shoe is another important metric that is often ignored by runners and cyclists in a triathlon. The shoes should lace well and not sacrifice on comfort. The material of the lacing is just as important as it ensures comfort and stability of the foot.

1. Brooks Ghost 13

The Brooks Ghost 13 are running and cycling shoes that help cover long distances and ensure that you get the results you require without sacrificing on comfort. These shoes help provide excellent comfort and cushioning through the updated midsole. The engineered mesh adds to the breathability of the shoe and makes it even more comforting for you.

Since the Brooks Ghost 13 comes with an excellent fit that is true to its size, you don’t have to worry about the shoe being larger or smaller than the size that is advertised. You won’t be sweating too much through your feet with these shoes on, since breathability is a major plus point.

2. ON Cloudflyer

These ON Cloudflyer shoes are the ideal choice if you value comfort and longevity. These shoes offer the perfect all-round solution, making them ideal for activities such as walking, running and much more of the nature.

The shoes also come with an excellent shock-absorbing capacity which gives runners the extra edge they need in competitions. The shoe also remains true to its size for long periods, which is why you don’t have to worry about the shoe losing its sturdiness or comfort over time. There is enough space for your toes to move freely as well.

3. Brooks Launch 7

The Brooks Launch 7 offer excellent durability and are one of the best men’s triathlon shoes in the market. The shoe comes with a premium outsole which significantly enhances traction and offers runners and cyclists the traction and stability they require. The shoe is also significantly light in weight and holds the feet back when running.

The shoe comes with premium cushioning that can come in handy when running marathons. You might find the shoes a bit too hard at the start, but will eventually break into the pair. You will eventually love the comfort and response you get once you do start wearing the pair.

4. Tommaso Veloce 100

Tommaso Veloce 100 shoes are specifically meant for cycling and make the experience more enjoyable at a reasonable cost. The shoe is light in structure and will allow you to ride fluently without coming to a hold.

The shoe also comes with a breathable mesh that can come in handy for triathlon runners and cyclists. These shoes further keep your feet well ventilated without the need for socks.

5. Mizuno Wave Rider 24

Running requires a lot of hard work and training. You cannot possibly expect to ace the routine without the presence of the best triathlon shoes in the form of Mizuno Wave Rider 24.

These shoes come with the ENERZY foam technology, which helps give a lighter feel to your foot and gives a significant advantage to runners. The springy bounce achieved as a result of these shoes also enhances performance.

Our Final Thoughts

The Brooks Ghost 13 is our top pick for the best triathlon shoes. These are running and cycling shoes that help cover long distances and ensure that you get the results you require without sacrificing on comfort. You can check on reviews online as well before you buy the best triathlon shoes.

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